Best Skills to Unlock for The Division 2 Fans

The Division 2 fans not only have a bravura of hand-held weapons and grenades available in the title while playing it, but players also have different skills to choose from which could be used in combat to have an extended edge over enemies.

There are a total of eight skills in Division 2 from which players can choose any two of the skills to include in their arsenal before initiating a match. These eight skills could be unlocked by completing the in-game main story challenges and missions.

Moreover, these special skills in Division have their subcategories as well which provides players with various unique ablates to utilize in the game which proves to be a great help in defeating enemies and completing other in-game challenges.

Although it is debatable as to which skill is the best amongst all as all the move sets have their own unique dynamism which helps players in combating better in the gameplay so players should instead focus on their preference to choose from any of the below mentioned skills.

As players can only carry two skills at a time while playing a match so players should also consider the skills unlocked by their squad mates as it would be of no use to have similar abilities in a match. So all the players should try to have good coordination between teammates before getting started with the challenges for unlocking these skills.


The turret is somewhat an additional Assault device which can be placed anywhere on the battlefield while continuing to fight with the enemies.  According to various reviews, players have a further advantage during the solo matches as players can place this turret during the close combat.

By doing so players can absorb a lot of incoming damage as the enemy would also have to counter the Turret while dealing with you, so unlocking this skill would be very helpful for gamers and act as a tank in your gameplay.

Drone Strike

If you are not looking for tank support from the Turret, then another in-game skill allows players to avail an additional team member in the form of a drone which would fly with you in the battlefield and damage the enemies as commanded by you.

It is somewhat similar to the turret as this flying strike drone also acts as a distraction for the enemy and provides players with an opportunity to strike back the enemy.

Riot Foam (Chem Launcher)

Chem launchers allow gamers to shoot different types of mortars, foam, and other deadly attacks, amongst those the Riot Foam ability, allows players to launch a foam attack which hinders players from moving or running.

This unique technique allows players to implement various different strategies like using this Riot Foam on a group of enemies advancing towards you and place a turret near them which would completely annihilate the incoming attackers.

 Stinger Hive 

The Hive skill is amongst the most deadly in-game skills which players can use in Division 2. The Hive Skill allows players to go through a fully armed hive of stingers at the approaching enemy and deals massive damage in regular intervals.

Still, this move is not very easy to execute as players will have to wait for quite some time to use this ability again as the resetting time for this ability is quite long. So, timing it while using this skill to eliminate a hoard of enemies.


Another one of the impressive abilities that players would be able to play in Division 2 is the seeker Mine which is a cluster of hidden bombs which explodes when triggered.

Another strategy for this move involves players to set up these mines which would be hidden and when the enemies approach near these mines, then using the Riot Foam on those enemies would freeze theme in the exact location where the mines are going to be exploded.

Pulse Scanner

There are two variants of scanners available in Division 2 this includes the Scanner Pulse and Remote Sensor Scanner. Both the variants are helpful but the Scanner Pulse helps in dealing quick damage with the use of single tap, and it has an advantage of rapid reload which makes it much more attractive in the list of best skills to the title.


Although unlocking other skills in the initial stage is quite common, but players also require to unlock a shield for their protection in a battle, so players can opt to unlock the Ballistic Bulwark Shield which is considered amongst the most durable armor available in the game.

Understandably this Ballistic Bulwark shield is, but it limits players to use their sidearm only. Still due to this mechanics players receives ample of protection from the incoming damage.


All the Division 2 players should consider the fact that Firefly type move sets should be unlocked after the other more prominent skills are made in good use. Still, this skill requires some additional handling and is a bit challenging to control, so other available skills should be considered by paring them together.

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