Easy ways to Switch between Windows 10 User Accounts

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to have multiple user accounts on our computer. Especially at home as there can be multiple accounts of your siblings or parents, but sometimes we do not prefer to restart our system for switching our user account. As one can customise their user account according to their needs, one prefers to have their own user account, in which they can set background or set layout according to their desire.

But there can be scenarios when another user wants to use their account while you are on to some task on your user account, for such situations Windows 10 comes with an excellent feature to switch between different users without logging out.

Quick User Switching in Windows 10

The fastest ways to switch between different users is by just using the start menu. To change between different users, you first have to go to the “Start Menu”, in the “Start Menu” selects the “User Icon” on the left side of your screen. By clicking on the user icon, you will see all the user accounts from which you can switch to any desired account, which will redirect you to the user interface where the user can enter the password and access his account. To go back to the previous account repeat the same steps.

Switching User Account by the Lock screen

This is one of the simplest as well as the convenient ways of changing user account, just by locking the system. To go to the lock screen hit Windows Key + L. By pressing both keys together, you can access the lock screen, where you can opt for any account that you require to access.

Switching User in Windows 10 by Keyboard

In windows, you can switch between different users by a classic means of using a keyboard shortcut. This is one of the easiest methods of switching between different users. To use the shortcut just press (Alt+F4) which will redirect you to the Power Options with different user accounts present, just click on the user you want to log in.

Switching User Account through Security Screen

One can also use the Security Screen to switch between the users; it is possible to do it with a simple shortcut to open the Security Screen window. To open Security Screen press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, this will redirect you to the security Screen Window, from where you may choose the desired User Account.

By switching to numerous accounts the system comes in stress which affects the RAM of the system, which reduces the speed of the system if one of the User Account is using a heavy software it can result in very slow processing speed or system crash, so it is recommended to use this feature wisely, and according to the requirement one can opt for any of the methods to switch between the users.

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