How to Reduce Ping in Games

As online games feature 60 to 100 players in a single match and require players to survive amongst all the other players, it becomes crucial to assure that a safe internet connection is available to make sure of lag-free gameplay.

With the availability of high-speed internet connection and numerous optimization techniques available nowadays it is not common to face the ping issue still below is the list of few tips and tricks that a user can opt to ensure ping and lag-free online gameplay for any title.

Wired Ethernet Connection 

Although nowadays wireless is trending amongst the users and using a wired cable to access internet would be odd for many, still with regard to ping using a wired connection will ensure to reduce lag and provide a smooth connection

WiFi is a viable option for regular working on your system, but if a user wants to access online gaming through their devices, it is better suggested to use a wired connection.

 WiFi is constantly fighting against various other signals like 4G mobile network, nearby WiFi signals and physical obstacles like walls and doors. So to avoid unnecessary lag and delay in the signal, it is better to eliminate any such issue by connecting your internet connection directly with a wired cable.

Also after connecting a wired internet connection, users should recheck the ping to ensure that there is a minimum delay in latency still if the latency is of longer duration than the user should resolve to use some other router or switch to some other internet provider.

Improving WiFi Connectivity

If a user does not want to switch to a wired connection and instead chooses the wireless connection, then there are some key factors to consider.

 Although it is better recommended to use a wired connection to access online games, still if a player wants to access the game using a wireless network then he should make sure of certain things to improve on the connectivity and reduce latency time.

A user should use their device near to the WiFi router to reduce delay in signals and try sitting in the same room where the router is placed as every single obstacle like wall and doors can increase the latency time and result in lag.

Also disable the WiFi connection from any other devices be it a laptop, mobile phone, gaming console and only pair the device which you are using to access online games to reduce any of the possible latency and enjoy the lag-free connection.

Disable Background Update 

While accessing online games on your device, make sure that the background downloading, and upgradation is disabled as background updating and downloading results in unwanted bandwidth consumption which results in latency and players end up facing lag.

So gamers should try to make sure of disabling any background download of applications and close any unused programs running in the background as it is possible that those apps would interfere with the internet access and increase the latency time.

Hopefully, now players will be able to reduce any latency faced during the online gaming and instead they will be able to improve on their in-game experience with smooth graphics and lag-free gameplay.

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