Role of Mobile Technology in Shaping Modern Education System

In this century it is safe to say that changing technology is the only constant. Within a span of a decade, the modes of imparting and receiving an education have changed at an unrecognizable pace. Search engines are the ultimate encyclopedias available to one and all; books are replaced by tablets, mobile phones, Macbooks. Even the mode of all major exams is now online rather than the traditional paper pen method. Is this a welcoming change?

Opinions to that question may vary but one thing is certain mobile technology is the engine of revolution in shaping modern education system.

Here are some thoughts to it.

  • Knowledge for all- Anytime, Anywhere

With better internet connectivity and easy availability of mobile devices, education is in reach of each one who desires it. No tuition fee or travel cost, it is like having a teacher with you all the time. With E-Books and other material available at your fingertips, it doesn’t matter if you are travelling somewhere or it’s an odd hour in the night, you can always learn.

  • Availability of online courses

With a wide variety of online courses available at affordable prices and many times free of cost, students from lower-income groups can now avail desired education.

  • Speedy Evaluation and Result Declaration

Now results are calculated much faster and feedbacks are provided and received by both teachers and students. With instant feedbacks students can work on their mistakes and move on to next assignment.

  • Upgraded and Flexible

Now education is not limited to set a number of books and classrooms, rather now students and teachers both can compare their work with world-class educational institutes, send it for evaluation and look for new horizons. Students can opt for non-conventional area of study and seek help from the world’s best.

  • Life Long Learning

Now education is not something available to particular age group individuals in an organised institutional system, rather it is now at the reach of anybody and everybody who seeks knowledge.

  • An Added Element of Fun

With new age interactive classrooms where teachers use videos and animations to enhance the overall process of learning and understanding, going to school is no more a burden for the young ones. With these methods, we can enhance their cognitive skills and help them in adopting new technology.

  • New and Fresh Content

One of the major advantages of having a variety of e-books and other necessary content online is the availability of fresh content. The books which are used in school and colleges are not necessarily updated but with mobile, in our hands, we can always stay updated.

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