Speed Up Event Check-In Process With These Powerful Apps

Managing event check-in does not need to be taxing and time-taking. If you want to fast-track the attendee registration and check-in process, then you should check out the apps and software given in this blog.

Here are the top check-in apps that will allow you to manage visitors effectively.

  • Check-in by Social Tables

Check-in software by Social Tables allows you to work in real-time with the teammates for making final changes and edits in the guest list. Since it is cloud bases, you can check the full attendee list on the go. The cloud storage is extremely secure. It is extremely easy to use, and anyone from the team can use this app easily on unlimited devices simultaneously. The users can personalize their Social Tables accounts and add custom fields for the event check-in.

  • Boomset

Boomset comes with several check-in features such as event attendee segmentation, name badge printing, import and export of data, data sync, management of guest lists, search feature for guest lists, lead capture, Quick Response code check-in, ticketing, etc. This event manager app allows event planners to manage check-in easily.

  • Attendium

Attendium is a leading guest list management app. Its live sync is spot on; hence the information that is visible is always up-to-date. It also enables you to collaborate with others, so that tracking of the members added to lists can be done easily.

  • Zkipster

This event management software focuses mainly on invite-only events. It enables people to quickly and expertly manage events, which results in amazing guest experience. With this app, your team can manage events on the go and continue with attendee registrations and check-in from their phones. This way, there will not be any long queues. According to the app’s publisher, the average check-in time using the app is merely two seconds per guest.

  • CheckInEasy

CheckInEasy is a very popular and easy to use event check-in app for iOs devices. Since waiting in lines is a tedious and dull process, you can just upload a guest list and conduct faster check-ins. If you are managing an event or party with a number of guests, then this app can be a real time-saver. The company makes use of stringent security protocols so that the data of attendees does not get compromised.

  • OnArrival

OnArrival is an application for mobiles that enables event planners to manage check-in for events and sessions, take prints of name badges over Wi-Fi, and swipe cards for collecting outstanding money. All this information gets synchronized between the Cvents Event Management system and OnArrival. If you have a big event coming, then you should use this app to print, prepare and organize name badges. It allows you to print badges on demand and keeps an automatic tab on them.

To optimize the event check-in process, you should get one of the apps and software mentioned above. Impress the guests with paper-less check-ins and increase efficiency while cutting costs.

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